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Centro Carlos Santamaria de la UPV/EHU. Donostia-San Sebastián





Organizing Institutions

Organizing Institutions


Submission of abstracts (250 Words): until june 30


Notification of acceptance or rejection: until july 15


Sending the complete text of the communications: until september 25




The analysis of identities from a historical-educational perspective has not yet received the attention it deserves, not only form a scientific point of view but also from a divulgative perspective. This type of analysis will be able to enhance the value to the tangible and intangible heritage of communities with more than one language and to understand the role of these languages in the construction of cultural, linguistic, political and ethnic identities.

From this perspective, the proposal of an international conference that rises awareness over these issues seems very important, especially when analyzed from an educational perspective, since many aspects in the study of languages and identities have an educational correlate of great interest.

Thus, the goals of this conference are:

• To bring the university students of the axis Aquitaine-Euskadi-Navarra into contact and to intensify the scientific and educational relations already in progress.

• To analyze the role of languages, specifically Euskara and Occitan, in the plurilinguistic panorama in the educational field.

• To highlight the heritage value of the language in a historical and educational context.

• To analyze the use of different languages and their relationship with the construction of identity.

• To analyze the role of language as a means of social and school integration in multi-lingual educational contexts.

The Conference revolves around four main topics: Languages; Relationship between Education and Languages; Educational Heritage and Languages in the construction of identities.
Communications may be presented in any of the four axes. The conference will hold two plenary lectures, paper presentations distributed in four parallel sessions and a round table.

This conference is organized by the University of the Basque Country / Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea (Group of Historical and Comparative Studies in Garaian Education and Donostia Research group on Education and Multilingualism - Dream), ESPE of Aquitaine and Laboratory E3D, Higher School of Teaching and Education of Aquitaine, University of Bordeaux and Laboratory E3D, Chair of Intangible Heritage of Navarre of the Public University of Navarre, with the support of the Euroregion Aquitaine-Euskadi-Navarre.

Sociedad Española para el Estudio del Patrimonio Histórico-Educativo