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The Conference focuses on four themes. Presentations would be organized in four parallel sessions around these themes:

  • Languages. In this panel papers would address among other issues, the social uses of languages (Basque, Spanish, French, Occitan, etc.); Linguistic landscape (the representation of languages in the area and in cohabitational spaces); Multilingualism, theoretical and methodological perspectives, and language normalization processes.
  • Education and languages. Key issues in this panel can address aspects such as teacher training and languages, the response of educational systems to multilingualism, the presence of languages in the curricula; multilingual educational experiences, innovative proposals to incorporate languages to education, educational uses of languages, the presence of languages in the textbooks, etc.
  • Educational heritage and languages. In this panel communications are expected to deal with the relations between museums and linguistic heritage, languages as intangible heritage; historical-educational heritage and languages, the transmission of linguistic heritage; patrimonial education in relation to language, etc.
  • Identity. From a general perspective, this fourth panel aims to collect contributions that discuss the importance of language in the construction of identities. In this sense, issues such as cultural and linguistic identities, elements of identity construction, nationalism and language, or policies on national/cultural and linguistic identities can be addressed.

Paper abstracts no longer than 250 words must be submitted before june 30, 2018. Once the abstract has been accepted, a full version of the communication must be submitted using the conference template before September 25th. All communications admitted and submitted in a timely manner will be published in a digital book with ISBN.